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M-U-S-E audio, Our business is built upon the premise that we are here to not only improve our own lives but to fulfill the needs of our clients as well. To this end, we select only top quality, high-end audio products from leading manufacturers around the world, in order to service a diverse clientele of Audiophiles and Videophile.

Our policy is: Offer high quality products and provide swift, honest and friendly service.

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Wilson Alexia Loudspeaker

Alexia represents the first entirely new loudspeaker platform from Wilson Audio in nearly half a decade. Two years in development, Alexia brings the superior propagation delay technology of Wilsons- flagship loudspeakers to a compact design with a footprint not much larger than a Sasha W/P. Indeed, Alexia derives much of its DNA from the massive Alexandria XLF, and brings the same kind of state-of-the-art musicality to a speaker than can easily live in smaller rooms and more intimate listening environments.

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The high end products are combination of world class craftsmanship and leading edge technology for the people who invest in dCS, our systems offer the chance to experience that unique, spine-tingling moment when the world stops and there is only the music. Our product architecture is completely flexible and modular allowing us to continually improve our products so music lovers can build and expand their dCS system over time.

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All Boulders are made for the reproduction of music exactly as it was performed and recorded. Boulder electronics are transparent, accurate, fast, rugged, and reliable, with minimal distortion and noise, and absolutely no coloration or sound of their own.

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Nordost Corporation is a high-technology cable manufacturer specializing in the audio and medical fields, using precision conductor solutions first developed for the aerospace industry and in conjunction with NASA for the space shuttle program. A purpose designed audio cable that combined flat form with dimensionally optimized, silver-plated round section copper conductors, it quickly established itself as the cable to beat, becoming a worldwide reference amongst reviewers and audiophiles alike.

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